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Sitio Caniba LEAF Project



Kimba Cansojong Homeowners Association Inc. is a member community of HPFPI. They have been informally settling on a 1.3 hectare prime private property in Sition Caniba, Talisay City, Cebu for over 20 years.  In 2015, after learning that the owner was willing to sell them the land at a fair price, the community acted collectively, and through the organising assistance of the HPFPI, sought help from the Philippine Alliance. After a series of discussions and initial research, LinkBuild, jointly with HPFPI and KCHAI, developed a proposal to Reall for a land acquisition and housing project that could be made sustainable through a mixed-income development scheme with a cross-subsidy component. 

Target Clients


Kimba Cansojong Homeowners Association Inc. is a member community of HPFPI. As of 2015, the community,composing of 160 families, 110 of which living on site, was legally registered and recognized as an association by the Security and Exchange Commision.


Project Milestone


January 2016

LB expressed an intention to buy the land. Permission to conduct feasibility study and other technical researches on the site was granted by the owner.

November 2016

12-unit Transitory housing construction started. It is located in the alloted open space of the future development. The units will accommodate the affected families of road clearing for the right-of-way of the former owner's property behind the 1.2-hectare plot.

December 2016

Transitory housing construction completed. Affected KCHAI family members successfully transfered and settled on the transitory housing.

February 2017

The 1.2 hectare plot  in Sition Caniba was successfully acquired by LinkBuild, Inc.