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Tacas Jaro LEAF Project

Tacas Jaro, Iloilo City | Ongoing

Tacas Jaro LEAF is LinkBuild’s first land development project. LinkBuild  purchased a site located in Jaro, in City of Iloilo, one of the major urban areas of the Philippines outside of Metro Manila. The site – which used to be agricultural land - is close to middle-income neighbourhoods, as well as a large government relocation site for low-income families. With the support of local government authorities, the former agricultural land has been converted to a residential area in a shorter period than the usual 12-18 month that it usually takes. 

The proposed model is for a mixed income settlement accommodating 350 families; 90 units (26%) will be built for low middle-income families (2-storey detached units – generating surplus), 80 units (23%) for higher low-income families (high density two storey row-houses), 180 units (51%) for low-income families (high density one-storey row-houses). 

This project exemplifies LinkBuilds innovative spirit. It showcases different sustainable and affordable housing solutions to different income groups, and is bound to set LinkBuild as one of the leading pro-poor and non-profit housing developers in the country. The project will incorporate a wastewater treatment facility – for black and grey water, which is not a usual practice in housing development in the country. This introduces and advocates for better environmental practices.