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USWAG Core Housing Project

San Isidro Relocation Site, Jaro, Iloilo CIty | Completed [July 2016]



This project is an expansion of CLIFF Phase 1 Community-Managed Offsite Resettlement Housing on the 16.2-hectare government-provided relocation site in Barangay San Isidro, Jaro, Iloilo City, providing for 2000 plots of which 1426 have been or are currently being occupied. The project involves the construction of 45 ICEB (Interlocking Compressed Earth Block) housing units intended for families currently residing in relatively high-risk areas - particularly those affected by major government-infrastructure projects. In contrast to CLIFF San Isidro Phase 1, which only prioritized Iloilo Flood Control Project (IFCP)-affected families, this CLIFF project expansion caters both the IFCP-tagged and non-tagged applicants. These include families threatened by court-ordered demolition or ejectment cases and who are displaced from their present settlements due to river rehabilitation, road widening and other development projects of the city. 


The project design is a complete one storey row house with slab that can be developed into a two-storey house later. The design has an approximate total floor area of 34 sqm per unit with space provisions for living, dining, kitchen, a bedroom and one toilet and bath and individual Kotek plastic septic tank. It is possible to add a terrace and a 2-3 Bedroom space as a second floor at a later stage in the construction. Each unit is built out of ICEB on the ground floor with concrete slab roofing.