Homeless People's Federation Philippines, Inc. [HPFPI]




Homeless People's Federation Philippines, Inc. (HPFPI) is a nationwide network of urban poor communities helping each other to attain security of tenure and improved quality of life through self-help and community-driven initiatives. Its purpose is to promote savings program in all the member communities of the federation to support their own development.



Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives, Inc. [PACSII]



PACSII is a non-profit NGO, serving as the intermediary support institution to HPFPI, coordinating the Alliance's programs across the various regions, and providing overall guidance in their mission.

PACSII provides assistance on legal and financial matters, in finding resources, serving as a legal holder for these resources, documenting the Alliance's work, and importantly giving the federation the space opportunity to develop as a community-driven institution.



Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc. [TAMPEI]



The Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc. (TAMPEI) is a nationwide movement of young professionals - architects, engineers, and planners. Formed in 2010 as a support arm to the alliance, the primary goal of the institution is to provide technical assistance to urban poor communities in their upgrading initiatives and promote community-led processes, guided by the belief that communities have the capacity to find solutions to issues affecting them and should be the prime planners of their own development.


Community Resources for the Advancement of Capable Societies [CoRe-ACS]




CoRe-ACS is a Community Development Enterprise engaged in developing capacities of communities particularly the homeless and informal settlers to access financial services for their homes and livelihoods. Fundamentally, its purposes were anchored on three (3) key principles of good business sense: (1) all inclusive programs, (2) common good, and (3) sustainability for all.