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LB hosts CLIFF 2B milestone evaluation with Mike Majale, PhD

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From October 10 to 15, 2016, LinkBuild Inc., as Reall Implementing Partner since 2014, hosted the Milestone Evaluation (ME) of the Community-led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF) second phase extension (CLIFF2B)   implementation in the Philippines, undertaken by urban planner and architect, Michael Majale, PhD.  The ME primarily assessed the progress of CLIFF 2B implementation of  Reall and  the housing development enterprises (HDEs) in Kenya, Angola and the Philippines against the milestones and targets set out in the logical framework (logframe).  The ME also sought to provide key insight and external validation for Reall and CLIFF at  identified milestones, constituted an end line evaluation for the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development  (DFID) intervention,  and as a mid-term evaluation for the SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) support. Both DFID and SIDA are funding partners of Reall for the CLIFF program, among others. 


To achieve the objectives mentioned, the  6-day ME  looked into the key areas of Housing; Housing Finance; and Housing Development Enterprises (Institutional Development and Reall’s Grant-Making).  Dr. Majale and the LinkBuild Team agreed on the activity schedule for the ME which  spanned  areas in Metro Manila (Oct. 10-11),  Western Visayas, in Iloilo City (Oct 12),     Central Visayas , in Mandaue and Talisay cities  (Oct. 13),  Southern Mindanao, in  Davao City (Oct 14), then back to Metro Manila and  Central Luzon, in Bulacan (Oct 15).     


The ME comprised of a combination of the following activities-cum data collection tools:  (a) Introductory meeting and discussions1; (b) Input –orientation on the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA); (c) Key Informant Interviews (KII)2 with a variety of both internal and external stakeholders and experts encompassing the key areas mentioned above ; (c) Focused Group Discussions (FGDs)3 with CLIFF housing clients and their communities;  (d) Individual and team  survey workshops on the 3 Cs -  Competencies, Capability and Capacities; (e) Exit conference and discussion with the implementing Team, LinkBuild Board members and representatives from the HPFPI, PACSII and CORE-ACS.  

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On the 6th day, Oct 15, 2016, .... Dr. Michael Majale and representatives of  organizations in the Philippine Alliance,  met for an exit conference where Dr. Majale discussed for feedback and validation,  his observations and initial assessment of the CLIFF 2B implementation in the Philippines.