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LB puts up transitory housing in Talisay Cebu


In the months of November and December 2016,  twelve units of transitory houses were constructed at the site of LinkBuild’s future housing project in Sitio Caniba, Talisay City, Cebu.  The units are now occupied by ten families who are members of the Kimba Cansojong Homeowners Association, Inc. (KCHAI), with the remaining two units being used as satellite office of the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines. The ten families had to dismantle their existing houses in order to clear the access road to the landowner’s other property located behind the site.  


KCHAI, a member community of HPFPI, have been informally settling on a 1.3 hectare prime private property for over 20 years now.  In 2015, after learning that the owner was willing to sell them the land at a fair price, the community acted collectively, and through the organising assistance of the HPFPI, sought help from the Philippine Alliance. After a series of discussions and initial research, LInkBuild, jointly with HPFPI and KCHAI, developed a proposal to Reall for a land acquisition and housing project that could be made sustainable through a mixed-income development scheme with a cross-subsidy component. 


Clearing, construction process 


As a portion of the property needed to be retained by the owner for use as road-right-of-way (RROW), the terms of land sale included KCHAI’s agreement to clear the said portion of existing structures that belonged to ten of its members.  The clearing process was largely facilitated by KCHAI and HPFPI. 

Preparations for the clearing began in November 2016 and by the end of the year, the affected families were temporarily transferred to the transitory housing units located at the site’s intended open space. The agreement was for LinkBuild to provide timber framing and for the community to provide the walls and roof out of materials salvaged from their old houses. In the course of construction though, the families decided to buy and install new roofing sheets (on credit from a supplier), so that they could move and keep their belongings safe from the elements,  as they dismantled their old houses.


Under the supervision of  Engr. Camarista, LinkBuild’s project engineer, the transitory housing units were constructed using voluntary labor from the affected families as well as from other KCHAI members. 


The units, basics services


HPFPI facilitated the installation of basic utilities for the transitory houses.  They applied for electricity connection for their office, and allowed the other ten units to temporarily connect to it. Water is being sourced from existing supply connections on-site. For proper sanitation, a communal septic tank was installed to service the toilets of all units.


The families affected by the clearing process will remain in the transitory housing units until houses under the LinkBuild’s land and housing project have been completed and are ready for turnover.


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