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LinkBuild hosts participatory site planning workshop in Davao

LinkBuild hosted a site planning workshop to inform the settlement development process of the Bago Gallera site in Davao City last September 24 and 25, 2016. The site is a 2.8 hectare property recently acquired by LinkBuild as part of its integrated land and housing project pipeline. A series of collaborative activities was facilitated by staff and volunteers from the Philippine Alliance and its partners, with over 70 participants attending the workshop on both days.  

The objective of the workshop, which was held on the site itself, was to hear and learn from each participant about their vision for the site as their future community. At the same time, it was an opportunity for participants to connect with the Bago Gallera site while collaborating and getting to know each other.  

The participants are members from communities in Davao City that are affiliated to the Homeless People’s Federation, Inc., the branch of the Philippine Alliance that assists communities in the process of organising around saving groups. 

Participatory site planning workshop 

The workshop started with the introduction of all Alliance institutions clarifying the roles and involvement of each in the project. Conducting the workshop on the site aimed to help the participants familiarize and visualize their own community in it. The first activity held was to draw their ‘dream’ community. Despite giving no limitations, the outputs displayed people’s awareness of their own affordability which clearly drew the line from aspiring more site plan features. 

Basing on the outputs, the participants enumerated common ideas and concepts of the community they want to build and classified them under major components: (1) utilities and infrastructure, (2) transport and access, (3) housing, (4) livelihood and finance, (5) environment and (6) social and cultural. 

On the next day, technical limitations were presented. Challenges and issues on each component were also discussed. Incorporating all these information at hand with their dream community, they created scale models of their own community plan. 

The preferences, suggestions and observations gathered through this participatory process were used by LB technical staff to create the site development scheme. It was presented to the community a week after the workshop, for validation and approval. With some clarifications and questions not only on the technical aspect but also financial concerns, the participants approved the proposed plan.