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LinkBuild formulates its Strategic Plan for 2016-2021

LinkBuild, Inc. conducted a three-day strategic planning seminar to draft the institution’s plans of action for the next five years. Present in the activity were Board of Directors Mr. Marlon Palomo, President; Mr. Rolly Villanueva, Auditor and CoReACS Executive Director; and Mr. Carl Beray, member and TAMPEI President. LinkBuild staff and representatives from other Philippine Alliance institutions were also present to provide inputs for the planning. 

Mr. Palomo led the first day by giving everyone introductory presentations about social enterprises and guiding points to consider in creating the five-year strategic and action plan. LinkBuild’s identity as a community development enterprise was also discussed to give the participants an overview of the way the institution should work. Moreover, the institution’s values, principles, and mission and vision, which were all made clear in the recent annual planning last February, were reviewed as well. These served as guidelines for all the activities in the following days. 

With LinkBuild as a newly-starting player in the real estate business, Mr. Palomo reminded the participants that every step should be done efficiently with full caution. Point taken that the institution will face many challenges, he ended the day with the statement, “we should do everything right the very first time.” 

The succeeding days were allotted for the planning proper. The current situation of LinkBuild in terms of its projects and financial matters was reported by the Finance Team which, with a new system of budget monitoring, is currently preparing the accounts of the core housing projects in Iloilo and Mandaue as these are expected to be finished by June this year. 

The project timeline for the year focuses on three approved LEAF projects in (1) Talisay City, Cebu, (2) Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City and (3) Bago Oshiro, Davao City. The concern about the possibility of having no housing construction in the upcoming year, due to the long gestation period of the LEAF projects, surfaced; hence, it was suggested to scout for core housing projects so that LinkBuild can report delivery for the current funding year. In its list of horizon projects, the proposed core housing project in Labo, Camarines Norte in the Bicol region, is uncertain, yet potentially viable and is high on the waitlist of projects to be proposed for this year. 

On the last day, all participants appreciated coming to a common awareness about the weaknesses and challenges that LinkBuild has encountered or might encounter. The institution is at a crucial phase in its development, but everyone feels positive that LinkBuild already has most of the resources at hand to utilize its strengths and to make use of every opportunity to develop further, not only itself, but also its partners in the Alliance, as well as the communities it currently serves or will serve in the future. [May 2016]